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August 20, 2017
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September 3, 2017

Somaliland: Human Rights Center demands the immediate release of Guleid Dahir Samatar

Guleid Dahir Samatar, ex-deputy governor of Togdheer region, east of Somaliland, was arrested by Somaliland Police who raided his house about 2:00 am local time on 3rd January 2014 at Buro’a town of Togdheer region. The procedure he was arrested violates article 25 of Somaliland Constitution which states that no person may be arrested, searched, or detained, except when caught in the act of committing the crime or on the issue of a reasoned arrest warrant by a competent judge.

The Police entered the dwelling house of Gulied by force in contrary to article 29 of Somaliland Constitution. He was immediately transferred to Berbera Prison where he was held in three days without court warrant.

Guleid was release on 6th January 2014. But on 9th January 2014 when he decided to go back to his hometown, Buroa, the Police apprehended him again without court warrant.

Guleid, member of Wadani opposition party, is not formally charged with any offence, but the Police accused him of organizing public protest held in Buroa on 23rd December. Guleid denies these accusations.

According to article 32 of the Constitution every citizen has the freedom to organize or participate in demonstrations.

Human Rights Center recommends Somaliland authorities to immediately release Guleid Dahir Samatar.


Ms. Mulaho Mohamed Ali

Spokesperson, Human Rights Center

Hargeysa Somaliland

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