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Somaliland: Human Rights Center demands charging or releasing ex-vice minister of security

On 31st May 2014 around 1:30 am local time, Somaliland Police unit called Rapid Reaction Unit (RRU) raided the dwelling house of Abdillahi Abokor Osman, Ex Vice-minister of Security of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Somaliland. Children were in the house at the time of the attack. One of his guards was shot dead in exchange of gun fire between Abdilahi’s three guards and the Police. Abdilahi is not charged of any crime.

Abdilahi was arrested without court warrant in contrary to article 25 of the constitution which states that  no person may be arrested, searched, or detained, except when caught in red handed (flagrante delicto),  or on the issue of a reasoned arrest warrant by a competent judge.

Abdilahi is not brought to court as required by article 27 of the constitution and article 39 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Abdilahi is so far in detention without bringing him before court, although the law strictly requires a person arrested to be taken immediately, and in any case not later than 48 hours from the time of his arrest, before competent court.

The Police used tear gas at the house.  Sadia Mohamed Ali, the wife of Abdilahi, told HRC that the children became sick after the use of the tear gas and the horror of the heavy gun exchange.

We were awakened by the gun fire and the children were horrified, says Sadia. Sadia argues that Abdilahi could be arrested at the day time and there was no need of raiding the home in this late time.

The forceful entry of dwelling house in 1:30 am where children are at sleep is contrary to article 29 of the constitution and article 44 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Human Rights Center is concerned the actions of Rapid Reaction Unit which use intimidating means and do not follow the laws when conducting arrests, searches and seizures.

Human Rights Center is requesting the government of Somaliland

  1. To immediately bring Abdillahi Abokor Osman before competent court or to return his liberty back,
  2. To stop RRU actions that are contrary to the laws of Somaliland, and
  3. To independently investigate the complaints against the Rapid Reaction Unit (RRU)


Ahmed Hussein Abdi

Acting Executive Director

Human Rights Center

Hargeisa Somaliland



Mobile: +252 (0) 63 4468227

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