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Somaliland: court in Hargeisa closes criminal case against Guleid Ahmed Jama

Today, 26th August 2015, Hargeisa Regional Court closed the criminal case against Guleid Ahmed Jama, the chairperson of Human Rights Centre (HRC). Guleid was arrested on 18th April 2015 after he gave an interview to BBC Somali Service where he raised concern on executions carried out by Somaliland government.  He was released on bail in 6th May. Since then his case has been pending at the regional court of Hargeisa. The Attorney General has a right to appeal within 15 days. HRC urges the Attorney General not to appeal against the court decision.

Human Rights Centre (HRC) welcomes the court decision. HRC is very grateful to the countries, organizations and individuals who tirelessly advocated for the release of Guleid and closure of the case. HRC recognizes that without their support Guleid would be still in prison and the case would not be dropped.

Human Rights Centre is very committed to continue working to ensure human rights are promoted, protected, fulfilled and realized in Somaliland. The arrest and intimidation will not force HRC to halt human right activities.

Human Rights Centre is a registered, impartial and independent nongovernment organization headquartered in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.


Hana Abdisalaan Mohamed

Advocacy and Lobbying Officer

Human Rights Centre

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