Human Rights Centre Quarterly Report on the Situtaion of Media in Somaliland

June 29, 2017
On 18th September 2016
June 29, 2017

This report covers from 10th December 2015 to 1st April 2016. Within this reporting period eleven (11) journalists were arrested for their work. Two criminal cases were brought against journalists: Cabdirashiid Nuur Wacays, chairman of Hubsad newspaper and Siciid Khadar Cabdilaahi, editor-in-chief of Hubsad newspaper, are facing criminal charges pending at Hargeisa Regional Court while Ahmed Mouse Sakaaro, a journalist based in Buroa, east of Somaliland, was charged in Buroa. Two newspapers, Codka Shacabka and Xog Ogaal were suspended in March 2016, and Hubsad was banned on the end of November 2015.


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